Cycling Tours

Get inspired with our Cycling Tours that  have been selected to suit a range of active cyclists. We now offer electric bikes on 75% of our  itineraries.

From 1.280€

This Cycling route is a adaptation for Cycling the Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela following the Coastal Way. Cycling north from Porto with the sea as company. 

From 1.370€

Follow the Atlantic Coast while on Pilgrimage. This is a shorter Cycling days version of the previous tour. Having more time to enjoy the places along the coast. 

From 1.360€

Santiago is not always the goal, this tour while following some pilgrim routes links to major cultural centers of the Iberian Peninsula. Santiago and Porto in a 6 day Cycling while enjoying the uniqueness of Galicia and Portugal. 

From 1.240€

Minho is a unique region of Portugal. It is from this region that Portugal saw is birth. Beautiful town and villages, scenic and easy cycling are to expect along the ride toward Porto. 

From 1.150€

Situated between Porto and Figueira da Foz city, this strech of land longing the Atlantic Ocean are of amazing cycling terrain. Virtualy flat to ride and enjoy nature, the beach and culture of the center of Portugal. Arriving in Coimbra UNESCO Heritage.

From 1.160€

Combining two areas around Porto while Cycling. The tour is a mix of the Green and Silver Coast. Offering some very distinc scenery and way of life in such a short distance. What a marvellous way to combine two areas of Portugal.

From 1.165€

Douro is Known for its Wines and Hilly regions of vineyards terraces. Cycle between the two margins of this river. Encounter small  typical towns full of history. This tour is for well fit cyclers.