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The Way Tours offer a delightful experience for enthusiasts looking to explore the rich and diverse world of Spanish & Portuguese wines. Both countries boast a long history of winemaking, and their regions are famous for producing unique and flavorful wines.

Wine is a culture to share, a way of life that you can experience on our tours

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(32 reviews)

Explore the Vinho Verde and Douro wine region in Portugal. In Spain the Ribeiro and Ribeira Sacra Wine Regions. All while hiking thru the vineyards. 

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(29 reviews)

You will unveil some places like Sierra de Francia Wines. Or the Arribes area by the Douro river less known. Hike in the Ribeira del Duero excellent Wines region and gastronomy..

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(45 reviews)

Explore on your own the amazing Porto City, the Wines that make it history. From here take the train to the Vineyars, have some time around the wines and the gastronomy, enjoy and rest among this huge scenic slopes of terraces. Enjoy the lay back return to Porto on a River Cruise. 

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Castlla Y Léon is well known for its wines. Like the Ribeira del Duero are well known internationally. In other hand wines from the Bierzo or Arlanza are less noticeable. Enjoy gastronomy while hiking and having some wines. Enjoy the wines the scenery and the slow travel...

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Our Douro Vineyard is a more sportive version of Porto & Douro valley. This tour is for Hikers, from village to village immerse in the slopes of vineyards. Enjoy the wine tastings and the towns of Portugal wine country.

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This tour acrosses the Douro wine region, taking you through very diffrent areas. The Hight Douro are f three sub-regions, which we will visit. We learn about wine in these different areas and visit during the tour 3 UNESCO sites. Come and enjoy wine, food and the hikes...

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All the flavor of the best wines. All the best of the Camino Portugues de Santiago.

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(29 reviews)

All the best of the French Way of St James. All the flavor of the best wines

From 3.650€
(19 reviews)

This wine route will show you the history, character and culture of this part of Spain.